Meet the Numina Staff

  • Cindy
  • Mother, Artist, Death - No, really
  • Hope
  • Voice Monster and Anti-Imperial Sympathizer
  • Charlie
  • Shadow, Ninja, Shadow Ninja
  • Mark
  • Fighter, Arcanist, Boss-Meister
  • George
  • Sherlock, Plato, Groot
  • Steve
  • EMT, Undead Hunter, Cyborg
  • Ace
  • Mary's understudy, PC torturer
  • Shane

Join Us!

Non-Player Characters Play for free
Numnina is actively recruiting Non-Player Characters (NPCs) for upcoming events. NPCs earn some sweet CP for other Accelerant games. We offer CP exchange with most accelerant larps (and we are happy to discuss exchange with additional games). We have a mix of roleplay and fighting roles to choose from.
Snacks are generally available all weekend at Monster Camp (including baked goods from the PCs sometimes!) NPC weapons and shields are also provided, as well as a trailer full of costuming and props.


Pre-register to NPC for Numina at Let us know what types of roles you prefer and where you want your CP going to. Besides - if you let us know that you're coming to help out we can plan to give you some fun things to do!

"You are very welcome in our team! Let's entertain people!"

- Josh,
Game Master and Founder