Fortune's Bend Map

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Welcome Traveler

Welcome to Fortune's Bend, the new and exciting addition to the Mercurian Empire and the continent of Rues. If you do not recall any recent border skirmishes, your memory is not failing you. The acquisition of Fortune's Bend came about in a most unusual and providential manner. In fact, its revelation has been named a Miracle by the Examiners in the High Church of Inlyrico, the first event in centuries to earn the title. Fortune's Bend is located in Pyredown, the Imperial Seat, near the source of the Alentina River and the Batterklast mountain range. One of the many vicious summer storms that plague the mountain region set loose a rockslide of enormous proportion that by the benevolence of the gods not only spared the small towns and villages below, but diverted the Alentina into a new and prosperous course.

Just at the point where the river takes its new turn, the old riverbed has dried to reveal remarkable wonders, hidden from the eyes of the Purposed Races for countless ages. The nature andimportance of the new discoveries will take decades to understand. As the ground has grown stable enough to support digging, hints of an ancient civilization have been uncovered. Early reports from the explorers indicate that many of the artifacts and buildings are likely to have weathered the ages well,as they were encased in a rock or mudslide before the river began to flow over them.

It is likely you have already heard rumors about the other structure uncovered at Fortune's Bend, which seems to have survived the ages submerged below the angry current with no ill effects. You may know or have heard of someone who, upon passing from the world, was not put back into the Tallow Man's pot. Instead, they returned to themselves and continued to live, often to an old age. Many who have made this unusual journey speak of passing through a portal where they are spoken to by Death before being allowed to return to the world. The chamber uncovered in Fortune's Bend resembles the descriptions of this portal, covered in carved moths and glowing a faint purple.It would seem that, after being shrouded in mystery since the beginning of time, the entrance to Death's Realm has been found.

For those whose interests run in less ethereal directions, Fortune's Bend still has a great deal to offer. The land is fertile and just on the bend of the river, making it an ideal location for a new trading and shipping town for Pyredown and Volbrecht. Engineers from Braeus have been contracted to build a water gate in the town to help protect against invasion and floods, which will generate numerous opportunities for employment. Fortune's Bend is of great interest to the palace at Pyredown, and those who find ways to shine during their residence or employment there will surely gain imperial notice and favor.

It is clear that the Genesori uncovered Fortune's Bend for a reason, and it will be up to the pious and the courageous to discover the town's secrets for the area remains a perilous place. The Batterklast Mountains have always been a haven for the fell beasts of Rues, and they threaten the hardy settlers who have begun to explore the miracle that we have been given. However, these settlers endure the hardship, for when the wonders of Fortune's Bend make it the next great city in the empire, their names will be remembered, their deeds celebrated.

Welcome then, to Fortune’s Bend, and may you be blessed each day that you remain here.