Players earn character points by playing the game and helping out in various ways. Character points can be applied to any of your characters, but no character may spend more than 15 character points in a year.

Character points can be used to buy new skills and to raise attributes. There are a number of ways to gain character points.

  • Submitting a Character History will earn you a one-time award of 1 Character Point.
  • Each Adventure Weekend you attend as a player or a staff earns you one Character Point.
  • If you submit a Post-Event Letter (PEL) after a Weekend Event you gain ½ Character Points from it. Summary letters must be submitted within two weeks of a Weekend Event to gain this award.
  • Staying after an event to help clean up extra areas will gain you ½ Character Points if you receive a cleanup task from staff.
  • Participating in a related game (listed under CP Exchange below) as a staff member or NPC will also gain you Character Points that can be applied to Numina character. You can only earn points from staffing, submitting a summary letter, and clean up for that game, up to a maximum of 2 Character Points for each event you attend.
  • Character points can also be earned through prop and costume donations. A list of the current donation needs can be found on the Numina Facebook Page.

Regardless of total Character Points earned, there is a maximum to the number of points that can be applied to your character. This maximum will increase as the game progresses.

Numina currently exchanges CP with the following games:

When you NPC at any of the above games, you can put your earned CP/XP onto your Numina character. If you PC any of the above games and NPC Numina (except NERO Metro), you can gain CP for your character in one of those games.

Please ensure that the staff at both games is aware of your desire to participate in the CP exchange.